The Fetal Monitoring Central System
with SisPorto™ Automated Analysis




Omniview-SisPorto adapts to each Hospital and can accompany the growth of your Hospital at any time, it is possible to upgrade any installation with:

  • more monitored rooms and fetal monitors
  • more CTG viewing locations
  • additional Hospital integration functionalities
  • labour and delivery notes

Labour and Delivery notes

Omniview-Sisporto integrates closely with Maternum, the Labour and delivery module.


The Maternum module allows for the introduction of patient labour and delivery notes with great usability and the flexibility to have the information on several locations and devices. It is even possible to use it standalone, you just need a browser.


Data can be introduced using touch or keyboard and mouse, graphics are optimized for easy data reading and update.


Features at a glance: 

  • Labour progression graphs and notes
  • Patient information including risk factors
  • Newborn and delivery details
  • Room Chalkboard
  • Touch screen or keyboard mode
  • Cross-platform Web Application
    • Windows/Mac
    • PC/Tablet
  • Access trough web browser
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Paperless operation and optional printouts
  • Archive search and Auditing log



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