The Fetal Monitoring Central System
with SisPorto™ Automated Analysis



At Speculum we have more than 25 years of experience making birth safer. This know-how, together with years of research, allowed us to develop Maternum, an exceptional digital partograph, that achieves and excels the highest standards of safety, simplicity of use and speed.

The maternities that already trust in Maternum as their partograph, have access to a 100% paperless solution that can be digitally integrated with a CTG monitoring central.

Between the most distinguish tools of  Maternum you can count with a Digital Wallboard with full information of every patient in every room and in real time, automatic and safe data sharing with other services, instant access to the parturient clinical history and risk factors, and the possibility to access all data in different locations and devices.

To keep improving Maternum we are now launching Brain. An AI supported tool that automatically makes complex calculations of key indicators, fulfil missing data, and send it to other services in the hospital, reducing clinical errors and saving time. Allowing to get real time information about how much time has passed since, for example, the rupture of the membranes.

Thanks to the trust we built through years of hard work to make birth safer, we are proud to announce that Maternum is already the trustful choice of more than 20 maternities around Europe.

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