The Fetal Monitoring Central System
with SisPorto™ Automated Analysis




The Omniview-SisPorto® system acts as a central monitoring station, allowing the combined display of up to 25 CTG and/or STAN tracings on the same computer screen. The SisPorto computerized analysis of the CTG features and ST events provides additional safety for fetal surveillance. Several automated features are included to reduce staff handling needs to minimum.


Features at a glance

  • Tracing start and stop handled automatically by the program
  • Automatic optimization of active tracings size
  • Automatic tracing archival
  • Display of STAN events and T/QRS crosses
  • Automatic Name and ID communication with STAN 31
  • Visual and sound alerts for CTG features including for:
    • Excessive uterine contractions
    • Prolonged decelerations
    • Reduced long-term variability
    • Reduced short-term variability
  • Combination of ST events and non-reassuring CTG features
  • Stored tracing retrieval and printing
  • Stored tracing reviewing and simulation for education purposes
  • And much more...

Viewing of multiple tracings

Tracing acquisition, display and storage is handled automatically by the program, as it continuously detects the connection and disconnection of fetal monitors transmitting appropriate signal features.

The SisPorto analysis of the fetal heart rate provides real time alerts to aid intrapartum  management. Analysis includes estimation of uterine contractions, of fetal heart rate baseline, identification of accelerations, decelerations, and quantification of short- and long-term variability.

A detailed display can be accessed by maximizing a single tracing window with the possibility of reviewing the whole tracing.

A multiple client architecture ensures that a practically unlimited number of computers can be connected via a local intranet to display tracings. Tracings can be printed automatically on tracing end or at the user’s request, with or without the results of automated analysis.


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