The Fetal Monitoring Central System
with SisPorto™ Automated Analysis




Each Hospital has its own workfkow and Omniview-Sisporto is able to provide a different setup that adapt to the needs of your location:

  • From one fetal monitor to an unlimited number
  • One viewing screen or multiple locations across the Hospital
  • Standalone or connected to the Hospital Information System
  • Cabled or wireless
  • And many other options


Fetal Monitors

Omniview is compatible with the main existing fetal monitors. Usually no additional cabling structure is required as the fetal monitors may connect with a cable to the wall network socket. Fetal monitors are automatically detected so that they can be moved from one room to other.

For STAN Fetal Monitors that provide additional data, Omniview-Sisporto displays the ST events and T/QRS crosses and provides the computerised analysis of the CTG + ST Events.



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