The Fetal Monitoring Central System
with SisPorto™ Automated Analysis





The SisPorto analysis of the fetal heart rate provides real time alerts to aid intrapartum management and has shown to improve the accuracy of clinicians when analyzing CTGs.

Omniview-SisPorto® leads the technology in CTG analysis, with extensive publishing on reference journals and the involvement of top authors from the field.

Analysis includes estimation of uterine contractions, of fetal heart rate baseline, identification of accelerations, decelerations, and quantification of short- and long-term variability.


Visual and Sound Alerts

Suspicious alerts provide just visual messages. In this example they may help managing oxytocin use and suggest searching for reactivity signs.
Pathological alerts have also a sound alert and some are emergency cases like the one shown below.
At any time a user may open a window with more detail on the analysis. Both quantitative and Graphical results are available.

The graphical results contain the estimated baseline and the calculations for accelerations, decelerations and uterine contractions.


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